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    Great to have you here! We are a young company with a lot of working experience. While both offering IT services and running own projects, we are used to work with international teams and partners. We are open for new ideas and projects and would love to hear from you!
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    "Working more than 20 years in IT and especially Software Development means a lot of experience. But competence as such is not the secret sauce of our success. We work with passion and full commitment."
    Check out what we are working on! The following projects are currently either run or supported by Upper One LLC:
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  • RadixCharts

    RadixCharts is an analytics platform for the cryptocurrency Radix ($XRD) and it's ecosystem.

    On the website radixcharts.com as well as via X (twitter) and telegram bots we provide statistical and aggregated data about the distributed ledger and connected projects or platforms.

    This project is completely developed by Upper One LLC - both backend and frontend.

    Validator Node

    We are operating a validator node for Radix.

    For this, we are running performant and secure servers at a hosting provider. Crypto investors can stake their $XRD on this node to participate in e.g. verification of transactions on the network and to receive rewards for it.

    This project is technically run by Upper One LLC. Marketing is shared with a partner project.

    Project Management

    A medium-sized German company is running a project called Connect.

    It's scope is the development and establishment of a new platform for project efficiency and tracking which will be offered to external clients.

    For this project Upper One LLC is doing Project Management and Consulting, working together with and coordinating different stakeholders and partners.